Training & Coaching

Yes, we develop.

Wij develop training programs and workshops with regard to teambuilding, motivation, (inter)personal skills, communications, languages, sales and hostmanship, but most of all we support YOU  in developing yourself and/or your team, business or staff.

You belong to our target audience if you:

  • Are an individual wanting to develop specific skills with regard to leadership, communications, sales or
  • are setting up/running a business
  • are managing a team of employees or a company and you noticed there has to be ‘more’ (teamwork, passion, commitment, service, sales/profit, etc.)

Hiring a traditional training agency can be very effective. For the time being. Because what happens after a course or workshop? Right; in most cases all positive effects of a training vanish bit by bit. Besides this, people come and go, so what about new staff?

Even though we made a good living out of the traditional way of in company training and coaching, this is frankly rather out-dated.  Why not take control and really integrate training and coaching in your business?

iD! supports you by delivering train-the-trainer programs, never ending tips and updates with regard to training and coaching your staff or management, games, teambuilding activities and so on. Custom made.


  • You are always in control
  • All people involved can be trained, coached and motivated constantly
  • Not the hustle of planning full days of training for a vast amount of people
  • Continuous, long term effects
  • And last but certainly not least: way cheaper!