About us

iD-Develops is a collaboration between Dominique Heemels and Patrick Stritzko.

Dominique about Patrick:
Patrick is above all a warm, pleasant personality. In addition, he has a keen sense of perception and judgment and shares his findings without batting an eyelid. Not always nice to hear, but very practical and efficient! He is able to communicate with all layers within an organization and society from a genuine interest, to put you at ease and where necessary to lard difficult subjects with the necessary humor. Where I can get lost in details, Patrick is always able to see the big picture. For customers a nice, reliable confidant and advisor/consult. The perfect sparring partner for me and my support and resource. A party for everyone to work with!

Patrick about Dominique:
I’ve known Dominique for about 12 years now. In those twelve years, she has never missed or was unable to complete an appointment, deadline or project.
Her drive and passion for the profession and the intention to do well in this world, makes her a very loved person among us.
If we need an example of how it should be done, then we can certainly take a leaf out of her.
Her experience, both domestic and abroad, makes her the designated partner in almost every field. If not, she makes it her own before entering a conversation.
With an analytical superbrain, she has the ability to come up with an appropriate advice and solution in no time, which feels good for every side!